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By on December 1, 2014

Today is the last practicum of the semester here at The Fourth River. In a few hours, I will climb the stairs in Lindsay House to find my staff sitting around the seminar table, shaking off the rain and perking up for our final hurrah. We just returned from the Thanksgiving holiday, and it seems fitting that today I offer some thanks from where I sit.

Cover art: "Panopticon" by Ryder Henry

Cover art: “Panopticon” by Ryder Henry

To my staff, I thank you for the hard work you’ve done and for your good cheer and commitment to the literary conversation. The online issue–our first!–would not have launched without you. Indeed, it might not even exist if not for the brainstorming of a previous staff member who sat at this table one year ago. Such a very good idea, and one I think we all felt, once it was expressed, was inevitable and right for The Fourth River. An anthology of the first ten issues–what a great way to enter the online publishing sphere. A straddling of our then and our now, a coming together, much the way our namesake, the Wisconsin Glacial Flow–the fourth river– comes together at the confluence of those other three: the Monongahela, the Allegheny and the Ohio.

We ourselves mixed and mingled at the launch party last weekend, where Jan Beatty, Lori Jakiela and Jim Daniels read from their very different work that was, nevertheless, completely in accord. So my thanks to them as well for their support of the anthology, and their willingness to have their work included.

We thank our readers, of course, and our contributors–then, now and tomorrow. We have spent all semester reading work for the next print issue, No. 12, due out in the spring of 2015. Watch for submissions to open for that in July.

Today, though, we look forward one year, to fall 2015 when we’ll launch our second online issue, themed around QUEERING NATURE, and guest edited by former managing editor of The Fourth River, Dakota Garilli, and Michael Walsh. We can’t wait to see how your work enlarges or interrupts our notions of the “natural” through this contemporary lens. Check out our full call here, and thank you in advance for spreading the word.



Sheila Squillante

The Fourth River



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