The Fourth River

Viewing: March, 2016

Essay: “Morning Beat,” by Wendy Gist

By on March 23, 2016

  From The Fourth River Issue 10   “Nobody sees a flower really; it is so small. We haven’t time, and to see takes time –                                 like to have a friend takes time.” –Georgia O’Keeffe   North Buttery sunshine spreads

Trashed But Not Forgotten

By on March 21, 2016

By Kim Hambright, assistant editor, The Fourth River   Have you ever meandered along a sandy beach in the early morning looking for conch shells or weathered bits of sea glass? The salt air intoxicates you, and it’s not unusual

The Ayoreo and our Failure of Imagination

By on March 16, 2016

  By Stephanie Vega, assistant editor, The Fourth River   The Chaco region of Paraguay houses some of the most biodiverse and unique ecosystems, from the Gran Chaco thorn forest to the wetlands of the Pilcomayo. The thorn forest of

Poem: “The Spineless,” by Lois Marie Harrod

By on March 14, 2016

From The Fourth River, Issue 12   No use telling the jellyfish to stand up for herself or the footless slug to stand his ground. Most amoebae are wobbly as curdled milk and even the centipede for all his feet