The Fourth River

Poem: “The Spineless,” by Lois Marie Harrod

By on March 14, 2016

From The Fourth River, Issue 12


No use telling
the jellyfish
to stand up
for herself
or the footless
slug to stand
his ground.
Most amoebae
are wobbly
as curdled milk
and even
the centipede
for all his feet
doesn’t know
which one
to put down.
White feathers
the slightest breeze,
and backboneless
crabs sidle off.
So don’t expect
piling or prop.
90% of us
have been spineless
these 3.7 billion



Lois Marie Harrod’s 15th poetry collection And She Took the Heart appeared in January (Casa de Cinco Hermanas).Also recent: Fragments from the Biography of Nemesis and How Marlene Mae Longs for Truth). She has been published in journals and online ezines from American Poetry Review to Zone 3. Read more on .