The Fourth River

Viewing: September, 2016

Tributaries: “Robin Redbreast”

By on September 28, 2016

By Alec Solomita I know he’s hungry or horny or saying this branch is mine and stay away but it’s a long rainy dawn he’s breaking with his worried song and I turn over on coarse pillows and cough as

Fiction: “We Were Young and Strong,” by Leslie Maxwell

By on September 23, 2016

From The Fourth River, Issue 11   Listen to Leslie Maxwell read “We Were Young and Strong”   One July day, summer-vacation bored with our parents at work, my sister and I decided to dig a hole to China. Nothing

Tributaries: “Tallgrass”

By on September 21, 2016

by Ellie A. Rogers         Ellie A. Rogers holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Western Washington University. Her poems have most recently appeared in Camas, Cirque, and Redivider. She has also served as the assistant managing editor of

Tributaries: “Guerrilla Gardening: Chicago, North Side”

By on September 14, 2016

by Benjamin Goluboff   When the city redid Lawrence Ave, widening the sidewalk and putting in a bike lane, they made wells in the pavement for rain gardens. These would dampen the urban heat-island effect and detain run-off from the

Tributaries: “Cliffs”

By on September 9, 2016

by Cari Oleskewicz   We did not know which wanted him more: the wind or the water. But some force of nature claimed him and we watched in disbelief as the man in one moment was standing on the cliff, admiring