The Fourth River

Tributaries: “Budapest Underground”

By on October 26, 2016

By Elizabeth O’Connell-Thompson




Artist Statement:

“As a poet as well, I appreciate that my photography gives me a chance to think and create non-verbally. As much as I love words, sometimes the sheer volume of them bouncing around is overwhelming, and taking a few moments to steady my breath and compose a shot is a welcome break. While many of my photos are taken while traveling, I don’t classify them as travel photography; rather than capturing the monuments of landscapes of a place, I focus on its textures.”



Elizabeth O’Connell-Thompson is a Chicago-based poet and artist. As the Literary Coordinator for the CHIPRC she leads the Wasted Pages Writers’ Workshop. Her work has been featured in RHINO, Banshee, and The Histories & Humanities Journal, among others. Please send your thoughts and spooky chainmail to