The Fourth River

Viewing: March, 2018

Tributaries, The New Nature: “Bus Stop”

By on March 28, 2018

By Donna Miscolta   It’s eight a.m. and I’m at the bus stop in my mostly white neighborhood in my mostly white city. I’m reading a book by a Latino novelist as I wait for the Rapid Ride that will

Tributaries, The New Nature: “TAGUS”

By on March 21, 2018

By Jack Westmore   the preparation, it makes its way in from the lemon if you head to the hills, it lives up here, among smell of salt and ocean-rind, behind the slow cure of afternoon & i, not knowing

Tributaries, The New Nature: “Freeze and Thaw”

By on March 14, 2018

By Emily Withnall   I met her in early January on a sidewalk in Missoula, Montana. It was only nine but it felt past midnight, the dark and cold thrumming along my skin, the stars dagger points suspended in the

Tributaries, The New Nature: “Another Morning”

By on March 7, 2018

By Soo Young Yun   The kkachi [1] watches the girl, admiring her ebony tresses as dark as his own tail. She peels off her shoes and lays them daintily behind her, much like every time she enters her home.