Issue 1 Table of Contents


Katherine Blackbird — Three quarter moon waning in the western sky above the house where nobody lives

Susan H. Case — Bird or Plane?

DeWitt Clinton — Moonlight

Curtis L. Crisler — Ode to Rain

Chad Davidson — History; Chateau Etude

Sarah Getty — In October; Certain Maples

Stephen Haven — If China is a Willow

Terry Hermsen — Sea Turtle (Columbus Zoo); Rituals of Grace, Rituals of Fear

M.J. Iuppa — Outside, the world quivers in the winter wind

Michael Johnson — Autumn Swim; At the Halema’uma’u Crater’s Rim

Erin Jourdan — Hot Air Ballooning; Girl Ash

Marjorie Maddox — Un-Beached

Pamela McClure — Some Deaths

Robin Metz — Balancing Act

Kathleen Kirk — Good Fences

William Reichard — Leslie and Sebastian

Ravi Shankar — Yellow Blusher; Tideline

Sue William Silverman — De s Esseintes Re-Creates the Amazon

Kevin Stein — At the Mountain Man Redezvous in Fairplay, Colorado, 1979; Upon My Seeing, in Shadow, a Red Tail Hawk; Plunder the Song Bird’s Nest

Judith Strasser — For My Son: When the Chicory Blooms in June

John A. Vanek — Constant

Don Welch — A Litany

Terri Witek — You First; Fear


Kerry Neville Bakken — Eggs

Karen Blomain — The Polish War Bride

Robert Finch — Dead Whale, Dream Whale

Lissy Goralnik — Dreaming on the Surface

Toke Hoppenbrouwers — Irian Jaya

Fred Nollan — Another Canada

John Poch — Nutgrass

Stephen Roger Powers — Where It’s Shallow by the Island on Rest Lake

Catherine Rainwater — Last Days

Amy Sage Webb — Animal Control

Baron Wormser — from The Woods: A Meditation; from The Woods: A Meditation