Issue 12 Table of Contents


K. Jane Childs-Quitclaim
James Mathews-Extended Tour
Jason R. Poole-There from Here
Dallas Woodburn-In the Lemon Orchard


Lori Brack—Hypothetical Landscape with Hound
Corrina Carter—Turkey-Watching in Dickinson County
Sadiqa de Meijer—Field Notes on Owl-Watching
Gladys Haunton—A Room Like a Poem
Margot Anne Kelley—Something that Loves a Wall
Sarah K. Lenz—Driving the Section Line
Justin Maxwell—Of Lieko
Gary L. McDowell—Interlude on Darkness


Priscilla Atkins—Crumbs; Our Father, Founder of Nations; A Room Like August in Seattle
Tara Bray—Yard
Maryelizabeth Christine-Pope—Root and Spindle; Wake House
Jackie Craven—Postcards I Wish I'd Sent Lisbeth When We Were Girls And Her Parents Sent Her Away
Joseph Dorazio—Red Herring; Fairy Tale; Road Kill
Jeff Fearnside—Building Forts
Diane P. Freedman—February, 2008; February 6, 2008-Breakfast Poem; February 8, 2008
- 8 a.m.; February 7, 2009-Good Snow; February 15, 2009
Robert Gibb—Taking a Second Look At Pittsburgh in Douglas Cooper’s Memory Mural
Michael Goldman—Late Winter, potting
Chad Hanson—Urse Major
Lois Marie Harrod—The Spineless; Advice from a Gray Morning
Van Hartmann—Cypress Trees; She Might Have Flown
Lucas Jacob—Survival Tip #1: Living Through the Night
Susanna Lang—Prepositions and Marriage
Farzana Marie—Cure My Toothache, O Nail Driven into This Tree
Daye Phillippo—Current; After the Garden; Noon Prayer
Janeen Pergrin Rastall—Winter’s Grip
Corinna McClanahan Schroeder—Lessons in Karst Geology
Jen Siraganian—If I hadn’t broken my hip; There is something about a beautiful woman on crutches
Robert Tremmel—Uisce Beathadh; Cache La Poudre; Sheldahl; All the Questions; Policy
David Allen Sullivan—Flight
July Westhale—First Girlfriends

Keynote Speech and Interview
Dinty W. Moore—Compassion is a Verb: Writing Beyond the False Cloister of Human Experience

Artist Statement
Seth Clark—Mass 1