The Fourth River

A journal of nature and place-based writing, published by Chatham University's MFA in Creative Writing Programs

The Giant’s Causeway: a Trail, a Tale, and Transformation

By on February 5, 2016

By Athena Wintruba, assistant editor   Myth envelops the northeast coastline of County Antrim in Northern Ireland, as illustrated by the fact that the Giant’s Causeway’s very name has been adopted from its creation myth. It is said that Irish


Holding up the Panels on the Roof: Neighborhoods Fighting Climate Change

By on February 3, 2016

By Stephanie Vega, assistant editor   I live in an old house. A very old house, built in the 1880s, with a very old slate roof. It’s brittle and breaks easily. It’s difficult to maintain, expensive to fix, and generally


Help for Broken Wings

By on January 29, 2016

  By Ann Marie Falcone, assistant editor   Keeping a lookout for injured birds was never a plan when I was a child, nor is it part of my everyday adult life. Though, I happened upon an injured bird outside